About Accent Call Center

About Accent Call Center

Over 9 Years Of Experience, Keeping Families Informed!

We thought that you would like to know why families choose us when it's time to be more in touch with a loved one!


About Us

Accent Call Center has been providing quality confidential safety and verification services for over 9 years! We value the importance of knowing how your loved one is doing. we are a service that cares about keeping in touch with critical day-to-day updates. We also give your loved one the security to know that you care and that you are providing a quality service that assures them that you do!

About Our Staff

Our staff of safety verification representatives are highly trained, friendly, kind and professional. They are trained to acknowledge possible and identify them to you immediately. In a situation of concern, you will be contacted immediately by telephone or in our: "Care Check Information Text Messages" or by all available contact resources.

Knowing How Your Loved One Is Doing Is...Priceless!

It is priceless to know the well-being of your loved one, and even more priceless that they know you care!