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Sending Comforting Important Day-To-Day Information About Your Loved One!

Safety Verification

We provide you with top quality stand-alone phone safety verification service on a day to day basis! Our service allows you to check on your loved one every day or every other day! Our comprehensive "Care Check Questionnaire" covers the general mental and physical stability of your loved one and reports it back to you! After verification is made, we can call you directly, text you, send you a daily email or we can send you a confidential verification recording of the conversation so that you can experience first-hand how they are doing!

Care Companion

Our Customer Care Companion is another valuable service that we offer, that provides your loved one with an extended call that is 10 minutes beyond our customer safety verification call! This service helps to fill the void of a lonely loved one and offers a very kind, friendly and caring conversation. This service is one of our most popular premium services.

Care Reminder

Care Reminder is a very useful reminder service that can be included in your day to day verification call! It reminds your loved one of very important appointments, medication refills, celebrations and more!